Track marketing effectiveness and make well-informed decisions


Manage your call center and keep track of customers


Monitor leads, ultimately converting opportunities to sales


Everything you need to manage production is at your fingertips


Follow up on customers and jobs smoothly and effectively


Enter numbers once and let Bizwiz do the rest


Action Lists

Customers are automatically grouped in lists based on their needs so employees can spend more time serving them and less time managing their day-to-day.


Smart Workflows

The system automatically delegates the right tasks to the right person or team at the right time, improving the productivity of your entire staff.


Reminders and Notifications

Internal and external notification systems simplify and speed up employees and customer communication.

See how Bizwiz can improve your workflow.


From viewing your schedule and conducting sales and service appointments, to performing installations, accepting payments, and job costing, everything you need is at your fingertips.

Quote with the customer

Access schedule

Messaging and follow-ups

Access customer info and history

Document inspection findings

Upload pictures

Present images and videos

Draw sketches and recommendations

Accept signatures

Print or email proposals and invoices

Labor usage

GPS tracking

Material usage

Credit card payment

Job progress tracking

Change orders

Plan, act, and repeat, with analytics.

Bizwiz gives users an unprecedented advantage not only by providing the necessary tools for streamlining operations, but also by delivering business intelligence at tiered levels, empowering owners, managers, and staff.


Best Practice Benchmarking

Bizwiz provides a way to evaluate the operational effectiveness, strategy and performance of your entire organization and compare that with standards set by you and the best performers.

The system provides actionable improvement steps and strategic insights that encourage improvement, effectiveness, and enhanced performance, ultimately resulting in faster, more profitable organizational growth.

KPI measurements
Strategic planning at every level
Improved efficiency network-wide
Business intelligence
Custom reports
Score cards


Web-based Software

Access Bizwiz from any browser and allow your workforce to achieve its full potential by having the ability to sign into and work through Bizwiz at any time.


Up-to-the-second Reports

Bizwiz gives you access to real-time data, letting you take immediate action towards your goals.


No User Limit

With the ability to manage hundreds of users and hundreds of thousands of records, Bizwiz will accommodate your company’s continued growth no matter how large it becomes.


Control User Access

Control access to users and groups to any functionality or aspect of your data with advanced permission settings.

Additional Features

Database maintenance
Daily database backups
Unlimited database storage
Quickbooks integration

Live 800 technical support
Access to training facility
Access to advanced training
Constant Contact integration

Internal messaging system
Time clock
Email marketing
Text notifications

Home show tools
Lead integration
Data conversion
Payroll management


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