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Automated Workflow

How much more efficient would your team be if after performing a task on a customer record, they did not have to bother to physically move that customer to the next phase of your operation? What if this process was automated? Move a customer file electronically from department to department, with the click of a mouse.


Beyond Customer Relationship Management

As an SGM (Strategic Growth Management) System, Bizwiz is more than just a CRM. However, it maintains full-service CRM tools and services that ensure no aspect of customer relationship management falls through the cracks.


Automated Functions

Schedule an appointment with a new customer to automatically create a customer record and update a marketing report. Post a sales result, and automatically update a customer record as well as a sales report, and so on throughout each department. With very few touches to the system, Bizwiz creates, edits, and updates everything you need to manage your business.


Secure Data Hosting

Your information is safe. Everything is backed up on a secure, remote server with first-class security. So you can be confident knowing that all of your company and client information is safe.

Get access anytime, from anywhere, leading your workforce to achieve its full potential.


Web-based Software

Access Bizwiz from any internet connection (or mobile) anywhere in the world. Allow your workforce to achieve its full potential by having the ability to sign into and work through Bizwiz at any time.


Up-to-the-second Reports

With Bizwiz, see your data in real time. Bizwiz provides intelligence to help you achieve a goal, rather than providing you historical data when it is now too late to take action.


No User Limit

Bizwiz can handle even the largest of contracting companies. With the ability to manage hundreds of users and hundreds of thousands of records, Bizwiz will accommodate your company’s continued growth no matter how large it becomes.


Control User Access

The entire system within Bizwiz is controlled on a permission basis only. You allow who you want to see data, enter data, edit data, etc… These permissions can be assigned as groups or by individual and can be set right down to the smallest of details.


Mobile Apps

Bizwiz offers full-featured mobile apps for iOS and Android, allowing you to manage your company on the go.  Even when you’re away from the office, your company’s data is at your fingertips.

Our knowledge is at your disposal.



Whether your initial or ongoing training is scheduled at our facility or accomplished over the web, we will provide you with a structured program using your new site to make sure your designated resident Bizwiz pros get the best onboarding program in the industry. Our program doesn’t end with your initial training; we also have two follow-up programs to make sure that your staff is operating your site efficiently.



Most of our executive staff members not only know Bizwiz, but also know how to successfully manage a business with Bizwiz staff. They are daily users of Bizwiz as well as Bizwiz staff. We have helped many of our clients grow their businesses by showing them how to use the intelligence and strategy that Bizwiz provides.


Training & Support Documentation

All training and support material is available to you and your team.


Customer Support

We have a full-time support staff dedicated to making sure your experience with Bizwiz is a productive one. Access to this staff is available straight from the main menu pages of Bizwiz, by email, or by phone.

It’s integration that works.




Constant Contact

Additional Features

Database maintenance
Daily database backups
Unlimited database storage

Live 800 technical support
Access to The Sandbox training facility
Access to advanced training

Internal messaging system
Time clock feature
Additional storage

Optional Upgrades

Automated trade show scheduling

Payroll module
Sequel plus email/video system

Lead integration
Data conversion

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