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Necessity is the mother of invention. When Jesse Waltz founded JES Foundation Repair in 1993, it quickly took off, making hand-written reports and Excel spreadsheets inadequate methods for tracking the business. With the growth of JES, and Jesse having to travel often and be away from day-to-day operations, the need arose for a different, innovative way to manage the company. Jesse couldn’t find what he wanted, so he created Bizwiz as a solution to his own company’s growth challenges.

2006 - From Idea to Execution

In spring of 2006, Jesse shared his vision with a software developer to create a program that would enable him to access daily operations of his company at the touch of a button. Early on, Jesse understood the challenges of programming and business management, and was focused on combining the two. KBH Management Systems was founded to produce the new software. By fall, JES Foundation Repair implemented Bizwiz to run its Sales, Production/Installation, and Marketing departments.

2007 - A Common Experience

Away at a national owners' meeting for contractors, Jesse realized Bizwiz is a solution that could help more than just his company. Other attendees wondered why he wasn’t constantly checking in on his business over the phone, like they were. They were amazed when he showed them how easily and quickly he could access sales volume, number of leads, and other important data from his laptop.

2008 - Network Interest

Jesse demonstrated Bizwiz to the two leading contractor networks for waterproofing and structural repair.

2009 - Adoption and Deployment

In January, those two networks began using Bizwiz for their companies. By March, Bizwiz was demonstrated and made available to other contractors in the Network in the U.S. and Canada.

2010 - Annual Summits

Bizwiz began hosting annual summits for new and established users. The summits covered marketing, sales, production, owners' apps, business planning, and yearly goals.

2012-2015 - Mobile Apps

Bizwiz went mobile. Development and implementation of mobile apps began with the Bizwiz Sales app. The Bizwiz Production and Bizwiz Service mobile apps were later implemented.

2014 - Expansion

KBH Management Systems relocated to the new Bizwiz headquarters at Corporate Landing in Virginia Beach, VA.

2015 - Constant Growth

Bizwiz signed its first franchise contract, taking on nearly 100 new clients at once.

Bizwiz today

In April 2015, Bizwiz was named Small Business of the Year for the city of Virginia Beach by the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce. In June of the same year, the Chamber granted Bizwiz the Regional Small Business of the Year award. By July, Bizwiz clients exceeded 225 companies from across the U.S. and Canada.


Inside Business & Cherry Bekaert LLP

The Roaring 20 Awards – 2015

In November 2015, KBH Business Management Systems was presented with the Roaring 20 award, which highlights the Hampton Road’s 20 fastest-growing and most dynamic businesses.



Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce

Hampton Roads Small Business of the Year – 2015

From a pool of five city winners, Bizwiz by KBH Business Management Systems was named the region’s 2015 Hampton Roads Small Business of the Year and received a prize package from the Chamber valued at $10,000. Jesse and Stella Waltz accepted the award on behalf of the Virginia Beach-based company that, since 2009, has been helping more than 200 contractors throughout the United States and Canada.



Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce

Virginia Beach Small Business of the Year – 2015

Virginia Beach-based software platform Bizwiz was named the Virginia Beach Small Business of the Year by the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce. Web-based and mobile-friendly Bizwiz was developed by KBH Business Management Systems. It launched in 2007 as a business management and workflow system, providing real-time data on marketing, sales, accounting, appointments and production efforts, according to a news release.


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