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Foundation - Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Soon after Jesse Waltz established his foundation repair and basement waterproofing company in 1993, hand-written reports and spreadsheets became inadequate for tracking his growing business. The need arose for different and innovative methods to manage his contracting company and addressing its growth challenges.

Inception - From Idea to Execution

Knowing what was needed, but not finding an existing software solution, Jesse set out to creating his own. He turned to software developers to bring his ideas to life, creating a program that would enable him to access daily operations at the touch of a button. That's when Bizwiz was born.

Implementation - A Proven Hypothesis

Bizwiz grew from an idea to a testable product, eventually getting implemented as the business management software for Jesse's contracting company. He now had a better handle on the Marketing, Sales, and Production operations and quickly after, performance started to increase.

Validation - A Common Experience

Away at a national owners' meeting for contractors, Jesse realized Bizwiz is a solution that could help more than just his company. It was clear that by allowing an institutionalized process to be implemented and constantly measured, performance metrics could be produced and tracked, making way for continuous improvement. Others at the conference took notice.

Adoption - The U.S. and Canada

Jesse demonstrated Bizwiz at the annual conference of two leading contractor networks for waterproofing and structural repair. Soon after, the leadership of those two networks began suggesting to their contractor-members that they use Bizwiz to manage their companies. A few months later, Bizwiz was in use as scores of contractors in the U.S. and Canada.

Training - Annual User Summits

Bizwiz began hosting annual summits for new and established product users from the growing base of contractor customers. The summits had various speakers and workshops covering marketing, sales, and production strategies; software tools for contractors, operations and management topics, business coaching, financial planning, analytics, and much more.

Mobile - Mobile Apps

Bizwiz went mobile. Development and implementation of mobile apps began with sales first. Bizwiz then expanded its mobile offering to include production and service.

Growth - Constant Growth

Over the years, Bizwiz grew in product offering and users. But the biggest growth is the one of our clients and their businesses.

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