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Bizwiz is an integrated online solution that seamlessly connects all aspects of your business. From marketing all the way to accounting, Bizwiz gives you the tools to manage each department and have a clear view of the big picture.

Marketing      Appointment Setting      Sales      Production      Service      Accounting


Track marketing effectiveness and make well-informed decisions

Wondering how your marketing dollars are performing? With Bizwiz, you will be able to analyze how and when your marketing dollars make you money. You will know which lead sources are most effective in terms of making the phone ring, scheduling an appointment, performing sales demonstrations and ultimately converting to a sale. Get performance data to empower you to have conversations with your marketing sources about costs, and maximize your department’s effectiveness.


Appointment Setting

Manage your call center and keep track of customers

Your call center is the first touch point customers interact with in your organization, so it is of crucial importance. Bizwiz allows your call center representatives to know what questions to ask the homeowner to ensure the greatest possible conversion rates. With access to sales representatives’ calendars and information about a homeowner’s current location, your call center representative can efficiently take that potential customer from requesting information to setting an appointment.


Monitor leads, ultimately converting opportunities to sales

Bizwiz keeps your team organized and on track. Being in charge of sales means knowing how your team—as a whole and as individuals—is performing in terms of closing ratios, average sales amount and types of products sold. Bizwiz provides you with the information you need to train your salespeople, plan for success and measure performance against the plan. Set expectations of accountability and build a great organization.


Everything you need to manage production is at your fingertips

Bizwiz helps streamline the most difficult of expenses for a production department. Using automation, it helps you track your labor, materials, and profitability of jobs individually and compare the information against your expectations. What used to take hours of accounting and numerous spreadsheets can now be available to you in real time as crews work on their projects.


Follow up on customers and jobs smoothly and effectively

Stay on top of service reminder mailings, unsold proposals, future appointments and pending installations. Reports such as the Service Sales Overview, Service Tech Schedule and Service Booker Bonus give you a comprehensive view of your service team’s performance.


Enter numbers once and let Bizwiz do the rest

Bizwiz syncs up with QuickBooks so your financial reports, accounts receivable report, overhead costs and receivables are all in one place and up to date. Long gone is waiting for days for your Spread Financial Report – all it takes now is the touch of a button.

Success is the outcome.
Bizwiz is your formula.

A finger on the pulse

Bizwiz helps create a culture of accountability within your organization, allowing you to measure performance based on the standards and expectations you set for every department or company function. The system gives you the tools to share and duplicate successful practices and address improvement areas. Now your employees clearly understand the results of their work, their role and impact on the big picture.

  • Automated workflow
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Results tracking
  • Trend analytics

Predictable, sustainable, and actionable growth

Bizwiz provides actionable improvement steps and strategic insights that result in profitable growth, with intelligence that helps you understand how different company functions impact growth. This allows you to plan accordingly to maximize and balance your resources and achieve your goals. It also lets you successfully navigate your company through each growth stage and prepare for the next.

  • KPI measurement
  • Strategic planning
  • Improved efficiency

Full-time, full-scope access

Bizwiz empowers owners and managers through full-time access to the system from any location. Envision knowing right now if you broke even yesterday, how many jobs you installed today, how many leads you have tomorrow, or any other important aspect of your company. Real-time information leads to better decisions.

  • Cloud-based management software
  • Business intelligence
  • Custom metrics


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