Privacy Policy


Our privacy policy provides information around data collected by our mobile apps and how the data is used.

Bizwiz and its mobile apps are used by Bizwiz clients to manage their leads, customers, sales, installations, services, payroll, accounting and for reporting.

Information gathered by Bizwiz clients is for their private use and is not shared without being expressly requested and granted by the Bizwiz client owning the information.

Bizwiz and its mobile products are referred to in this document as “Bizwiz,” “we,” “us,” or “our”.  Bizwiz provides the Services.  When referring to “Services”, we are talking about the website, database, mobile apps and other features of our platform.  Bizwiz clients are referred to as “clients” and “users.”  Clients and Users are the companies and employees that purchase and use Bizwiz and its Services to perform the tasks associated to running their companies. Talk of “Customers” and / or “Homeowners”  in this document reference the individuals and businesses that engage in commerce with the Clients and Users of Bizwiz.  These customers do not directly interact with Bizwiz and are not offered Services by Bizwiz.

Collected information

Information entered into Bizwiz by is generated Clients.  This information is gathered from Customers by the Client using the Services.  This information includes but is not limited to name, address, phone, email, images, and videos.  This information is gathered and stored securely in the process of sales, installation, and servicing of customers and their homes or businesses.

Mobile Apps

Bizwiz Services include mobile applications for Android and IOs phones and tablet.  These services require access to many secure features of phone and its operating system.  These features include GPS location, Camera, Microphone, Bluetooth, Phone State, and Contacts.

GPS Location is used for determining the current location of the user and provide distance and time travel estimates.  Background GPS Location is used to determine when a user is within a proximity of a customer’s location to notify the user of the said proximity and offer options within the application.

Camera access is requested to enable Users to take pictures during customer sales, installation and service appointments.  These images are stored with other customer data in Bizwiz and are available to the Client and its Users through Bizwiz and its Services.

Bluetooth access is requested for Users using third party devices to input data into apps.

Microphone access is requested for Users using third party devices to input data into apps.

Phone State access is requested for Users to make outgoing calls, check current state of the device’s data connection, make changes to audio and video settings.


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