As work flows through your company from marketing to installation, Bizwiz captures data, but more importantly, produces intelligence. It’s intelligence, not data, that allows the creation of meaningful strategies to move your business forward.



Intelligent data that provides the right strategies means better overall management decisions. Bizwiz gives you and your whole team more confidence in creating the best plans of action for improvement.



Improvements that lead to a more efficient and productive company allow for sustained growth. Sustained growth is only possible by continually creating healthy profit margins.

Whatever your role:
Marketing Call Center Sales Installation Service Administrative Owner General Manager

Bizwiz works harder
so you can work better.

Owner & General Manager


Owners and general managers need a bird’s-eye-view of the company performance. Since each department has an effect on the other, knowing where your time is best spent is crucial. Bizwiz gives you the ability to quickly access all of your company’s key performance indicators so you can measure the pulse of your business in real time, anytime.


  • Key Performance data on easy-to-view dashboards
  • Department-specific Overview Reports for any time period in real time in seconds
  • Short- and long-term trend reports
  • Use of the exclusive List Box Management System, giving you the ability to spot inefficiencies in seconds


Marketing costs, like everything else, always seem to be going up. Today more than ever it is imperative that marketing managers have access to real-time data in order to manage their lead-source portfolios.


  • Enter lead costs in multiple ways to get more accuracy when comparing performance
  • Track all lead sources and sub-sources more accurately
  • Track conversion rates and loss ratios as the lead moves through to appointment, demo, and sale
  • Set goals and track actuals in real time
Appointment Setting


Efficiency is key to scheduling appointments for the leads you generate. Bizwiz offers an exclusive List Box Management System that automates the process. Customer information auto-populates accurately and consistently across the system. 100% electronic: open a virtual drawer and call through your lists.


  • Lead Integration allows you to auto-populate leads from your website
  • Smart scheduling system allows for the highest scheduling efficiencies and maximizes current capacity
  • Lead backlog management system
  • Dashboards to allow quick views of important data for better real-time decisions


Great sales management is the key to improving conversion rates and sales volume goals. Bizwiz offers the best sales management system in the business. In addition to collecting data, Bizwiz plots sales strategies. Both team and individual efforts can be pinpointed to specific sales areas, making it easy to see successful strategies as well as improvement opportunities.


  • Get all your sales results accurately and in a timely manner
  • Use our exclusive List Box Management System for sold and unsold proposals
  • Our integrated follow-up system was built specifically to improve conversion rates
  • Custom reports that don’t just provide data, but also provide the reasons behind the data


Production management is managing the flow of all events that take place from the time an order is sold until that order is fulfilled and completed, and your customer is happy. Bizwiz is the only SGM solution that brings a full installation management function to your daily routine.


  • Easily schedule new jobs as one or more projects. Schedule to different crews on different days. Bizwiz tracks it all.
  • Special needs? Permits? Bizwiz makes note.
  • Exclusive List Box Management System allows your team to follow the progress of the job
  • Job costing, A/R, customer surveys and more, are all automated with Bizwiz


Service management is vital to both the company’s relationship with its customer as well as a crucial source of ongoing predictable revenue.


Bizwiz is set up for both service issues under warranty and service issues that are part of a maintenance contract.

Accounting & Financials


Bizwiz offers you a clear picture of the financial health of your business. In addition, the optional Payroll Module automates payroll for your hourly, salaried, and commissioned staff.


  • Job costing
  • Accounts receivable
  • Deposit tracking
  • Basic financial tracking
  • Financial reporting

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